Car Infotainment for Better User Experience

Today's advanced infotainment systems are touchscreen tablets that are a built-in dashboard of the car. It's more and more becoming an information and entertainment center of every modern car dashboard, rather than something which provides you with your car information such as possible failures, traffic information, low gas or oil reserves, and others. Today it's all about being able to read emails, news, watch series via stream, or play games off of it.


For the latter one, a built-in HTML5 supported web browser brings said games to the table, so users don't have to rely on installing the games, which are still not supported on vehicles, like smartphones. This possibility was confirmed by a test gadget run done in a YouTube video, where they ran an online slot machine by going to one of the online casino Canada real money websites. For that, they had a Tesla Model 3, which has all the tech bells and whistles, so you don't have to guess hard if it worked because it did without a single hiccup. They managed to run the Sakura Fortune slot machine game smoothly, just like you would play it on a laptop, PC or smartphone.


Comfortable Car Usage

Another advantage of a more advanced infotainment system is smart climate control possibilities. For example, you can set other cooling/heating temperatures for the cabin or each seat in the car. It even enables you to do this remotely from your phone app.


It also brings in automatic daytime running lights, which is a feature that became a part of the car's intelligent drive technology. It is normal to forget to turn off or turn on lights, depending on the season, and this option will remind you to do that in time. Speaking of prompts, the voice assistant will tell you where to go if you use GPS, so you don't need to watch the screen. If your voice assistant connects via Bluetooth to your phone, it can also read your emails and messages for you.


Engine Insight

In a modern infotainment system, you can see a lot of information about processes in the car engine. For example, you will get a notification when it is time to do a car check-up, change liquids or some consumable parts.


Speedos are also being shown on the screen, and you will see the speed limit, car cruise limit, and possible warnings. Odometers, although a pretty essential feature of the car, is now advanced more than ever. You can easily see the distance you travelled with an additional digital map on the Web browser or the GPRS service.


The same goes for the engine temperature and fuel gauge, which will remind you when it is time to visit near the gas station. Other warning signal systems also get included, as modern cars have more security sensors than ever that will secure you and passengers on the way.


For now, just a few cars on the market have modern technology web browsers built-in. Predictions say that this will become standard in the car industry in few years. Infotainment is coming with additional security options. However, you can't use the entertainment part of the touchscreen. For instance, you can't use Web Browser while the car is in driving mode. It can be used only while the vehicle is standing.


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